Clifford Crooks is the executive chef of Esquared Hospitality. Hailing from Queens, New York, Cliff oversees BLT Prime, a modern steakhouse in New York City.

FW: What are your signature dishes?
CC: Dover Sole, A5 Kagoshima Kobe Wagyu Beef.

FW: What’s your most memorable dining experience?
CC: Daniel. ‘Nuff said.

FW: What chefs do you admire?
CC: I have to give a shout-out to Mike Anthony of Harold Dieterly, and Tian Ho of Montmantre. Gramercy Tavern, which is right down the street from BLT Prime. Daniel.

FW: What’s your proudest moment as a chef?
CC: Watching the cooks that I teach in the kitchen everyday grow into great chefs.

FW: Why do you serve FIJI Water?
CC: It’s so clear, without any hard taste.